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Actionable Metrics

An actionable metric is one that ties specific and repeatable actions to observed results. - LeanStack

No matter if you're a tech SaaS company or a bakery. You should have metrics at hand which displays the performance of your business.

These metrics should be in the format of a time-series so you can compare periods and react to changes in a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis.

Finding actionable metrics for your business

1. What action is core to your business model?

Facebook relies on users spending time on their site, so improving Avg Session Time would impact their Ad Earnings.

An Instagram Page relies on followers clicking their bio link to buy their merch, so improving Bio Link CTR and Website CR would increase their e-commerce earnings.

2. Now set a cadence for it (i.e: daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly)?

If your business has customers that only visit you once a month then set a monthly cadence.