Finding Good Ideas

Since my last article I've been getting a lot of questions on Twitter on how to find business ideas. I'm no guru myself but I do end up with a lot of SaaS ideas (almost daily at this point).

@KameronTanseli Hi, please suggest some idea that a single developer can make, that make $100 per month.

— Mustafa Hanif (@MustafaHanif8) May 12, 2020

To name a few ideas I've had recently...

  • A discovery site for accessing paid, membership-only Slack groups
  • Slack command to buy a slack space owner a Coffee
  • Founder Chats, weekly recorded zoom calls with my founder friends where we review a maker's new product.
  • Printable Meal Plans from a Google Sheet (PTs love using Google Sheets for everything)
  • Buy & Sell Zapier Workflows on an Online Marketplace
  • A journal based on Fear Setting by Tim Ferriss

Okay, the last two I'm acting on but you're free to take the rest :)

Generating your own Ideas

In the past I have talked about how to come up with better niche ideas. Since then I've read up on a lot of new tactics just solely based on analysis. So here's what I found:

If the above doesn't generate anything exciting for you. Try just calling up your friends and asking them about their day at work and what challenges they're having etc. People love to talk about their problems.