Getting Over Fears

For the last week I've been acting as a sort of motivational speaker to my friends. Each one has been hampered with fears around their creative pursuits.

I'm quite fortunate to have experienced consistent failure within my field of creativity. Micro-SaaS app building is not something you can ace first time and most ideas have a 2% chance of being successful.

So for the majority of you, let me give you the same advice I said to my friends.

The Majority consumes, the Minority creates.

For the last 8 days I have blogged consistently every day (even the days where I nearly forget and I end up writing at around 11pm). This has brought in around 600 unique readers to my blog, something I never thought would be a thing now that I reflect on it.

But it goes to show that if you put content online people will consume it. To put it metaphorically:

Act like the farmer and you'll start to grow a crop.

But what if people don't like my work

Firstly that's all in your head. Secondly you don't know if people don't like your work till you share it with them.

I never have enough motivation

Start small. Want to write a blog post every day? Try just tweeting your idea. Want to paint? Try sketching a rough outline. You'll find that just by starting small you'll begin to break that barrier in your head of "this will be too much effort".

The idea already exists

Unless your idea is to build the next Uber, Airbnb, or Microsoft. I'm pretty sure you can put your own unique flair or solution to whatever problem your trying to address.

If we just stopped after one person made a CRM. We wouldn't have Salesforce.

If we stopped after one person did a self-portrait. We wouldn't have the Mona Lisa.

You get what I'm trying to say.