Why you shouldn't use Google Analytics for your MVP

You've had the next best idea, Uber for Cats, and you have coded up a landing page test complete with email capture and pricing tables in true lean fashion.

Your next step is to observe the impact after you funnel customers to it. Most likely your go to analytics tool is Google Analytics.

Focus on one metric

  • Page views are meaningless unless extracted into a conversion rate.
  • Sessions are meaningless unless extracted into a conversion rate.
  • Daily active user charts are just plain confusing and best avoided.

What I'm trying to hint at is that Google Analytics is full of really pretty charts that you'll waste your time worrying about. Unless you're a Google Analytics wizard you don't know how to setup goals and trigger events and in my opinion don't bother.

There are plenty of tools out there like Full Story or Hot Jar that offer conversion targets based on user events out of the box as a main feature. That leads me to my second point...

User Recordings Will Save You

I use Full Story at work and on my personal projects. It's a lifesaver for figuring what your users are actually doing. For gsheet2mail.com I realised customers were clicking the top header example link, so I added more examples which drove a higher conversion rate and more link clicks for viewing pricing.

I wouldn't have known that if I had a goal setup in GA as GA's job is for high level numbers not user to user interactions. It's those user interactions in the early stages that help you redefine how your product works and build something truly worth sharing with others.