Sunset is a beautiful minimal writing app that I made whilst at my last few days at

It puts a focus on words rather than UI and prefers a few simple hotkeys over buttons.

Lean Analytics Canvas

Lean Analytics by Avinash Kaushik aims to help you create a sustainable way to pick metrics that matter by tying them to fundamental business problems, creating hypotheses you can test and driving change in the business from the learnings you identify.

Ikigai Online Tool

Ikigai is the Japanese concept that means "a reason for being." The word refers to having a meaningful direction or purpose in life. I created an online tool to help me reflect and answer this very question.

Convert visitors into customers with high-converting email banner pop-ups.

Part of the 12 startups challenge. See progress here.

Public Embeddable Dashboards to increase public accountability to reaching key metrics.

I built the MVP in 1 evening using Node, Mongo, and Edge Templates. You can check it out on my open metrics page.

4HWW Dreamline Tool

The 4 Hour Work Week is one of my all time favourite books. Having gone from working 9-5s to 4 hour days myself it's been a huge inspiration to me for years.

I commonly use the dreamline worksheet in the book to map out my goals in life every quarter. I realised I could just make it into an offline-first web app 🙃.

Having not found a good meta tag analysis extension. I decided to build my own.

Run a validation on the top 13 key meta tags needed for SEO/Social and instantly preview what the URL your on will look like on Twitter, Google, and Facebook.